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天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
20 November 2011 @ 09:41 am
This is the Tendou house with a hug table and lots of cushions for chairs. There is enough food to feed an army; three different hot pots simmer three different kinds of yose nobe. Kasumi and her dear little children have prepared it all for family and friends who are just now arriving.

Where do they sit? Who do they talk to? How long do they stay? That is up to you. Kasumi's house has an open door policy, and she'll worldhop anyone who can't themselves. Enjoy♥ And feel free to make your own comments! The ones I made are more a guide than a rule.
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
25 October 2011 @ 11:55 am
I thought I might keep track of everyone here. If you wish for me to remove your name, please do let me know. Or, if I am missing anyone.

Alphonse Elric (ironysoul)
Eris (chaos_goddess)
John Brown (ertaverbum)
Hotaru (fireflyglaive)
Kaname Madoka (stillneedawish)
Mikhail Blanc (onesnipe)
Minato Arisato (unlikely_spread)
Octavia (cinnasteam)
Roze (makewayforroze)
Tails (twotailmechanic)
Tendou Kasumi (heavenly_home)
Tidus (swordplaying)
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
16 August 2011 @ 11:04 pm
I was not quite sure where to put this, but I believe we will need some place to reference those interested in helping others. The Nice Club was quite fun, in the past. I'm sure it will be so in the future, as well. :) I wonder what we will do? We're quite open to suggestions, if anyone would wish to share their thoughts.

As it is, here are those who have expressed a wish to help::

Tendou Kasumi (heavenly_home)
Roze (makewayforroze)
Tidus (swordplaying)
Momo (amourde_patou)
Tails (twotailmechanic)
Al (ironysoul)
Michel Blanc (onesnipe)
Allen Walker (destroyeroftime)

If anyone else would wish to join, please let us know! We would be happy to add you :).

((OOC Post is over here!))
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
07 August 2011 @ 09:02 pm
testing testingCollapse )
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
11 July 2011 @ 03:13 pm
[The position of the camera gives a nice view of the bed, the nightstand, and fluttering curtain from the window. It's a normal bedroom, neat and tidy. Lighting isn't the best, it is nighttime and the streetlamp through the window cast more shadows than illumination. Muffled voices can be heard from behind the door just out of sight. Two women, and as the voices get louder, one is recognizable as Kasumi.

A creak as the door opens, and with it comes a narrow shaft of light.]
...truly need a bit of rest.

[Two figures enter: a shorter young woman and Kasumi, hanging off of Akane's arm. The girl helps Kasumi to the bed, and sits her down as gently as possible. Kasumi slumps but catches herself.] Okay, nee-chan. Get some rest.

Thank you. [It is hard to tell whether Kasumi is looking in Akane's direction or staring at the wall; her voice is dazed. Kasumi sits there, unmoving. The video cuts out just as Akane closes the door.]
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
21 May 2011 @ 10:28 pm
Viruses... I did not understand that something like that was possible. There were two of me, but she was not me, not really. Ranma-kun continues with his chores as if- and father is upset that I was gone for days. He will not stop crying...

My experience was not so bad as it was for others, now that I am able to look and see what has happened. The latter virus was almost... kind. Truly, I do want that someday- a family of my own. I hope I do not experience some of the, the more involved viruses. And I wish for a restful time before such things happen again.

People talk to me as if they know me. I do not understand it. She said, that woman who resembled me, it would be all right. I just have to talk to them more, the people who know my name. ...my head hurts.

((Strikes deleted.))
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
Dinner has become less lively since Akane-chan and Ranma-kun left on their training trip. Uncle Saotome and father have seem enjoy their games, and their snacks. Nabiki-chan is beginning her second year soon, with such astounding grades. I wonder how she does it and continues to have so much time to enjoy herself. She has never been one to study extensively. It seems she is getting enough sleep and eating right, but still, I hope she is not pushing herself too hard. Ranma-kun’s little friends visit now and again, but without such extravagance as before. The outer wall has stayed intact for nearly a month!

Everything is going as it should, I expect. I do not wish to say it, but things have begun to seem… a bit boring. Something odd happened a few days ago- but only the once. There is little I must manage beyond necessary chores. I suppose I could, pursue work outside of the house? I graduated high school with adequate scores, and it is not as if we could not use the money. Keeping track of my thoughts like this has certainly improved my typing skills!

In any case, the market is closing soon. I’d best get something good for dinner. I should return Dr. Tofu’s book, too; he mentioned he had something for me last time. I wonder what it is?
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天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
31 March 2011 @ 12:00 am
Current Information: Kasumi has lost her memory of the community in defense of its absense. After a fit involving sawing off her hair and not speaking for several days, she has had a year to calm down and begin her life again. Pity there are blank spots in her memory- as well as regained access to the community.

There is a time for everything.Collapse )
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
31 March 2011 @ 12:00 am
 Kasumi’s Collection of Other Worldly Things
gifts that matter

 A butterfly that flutters around the garden no matter what the season, often landing in Kasumi’s hair.
  (A Tease from Tyki Mikk)

A neighborhood pigeon that is bigger than the rest, Suzume-chan.
  (A Pidgey from Ash Ketchum’s world)

 A green cased 21st Century cell phone that confuses her more than a computer.
  (From her ‘older brother’, Xanxus.)

A closet full of clothes she doesn’t remember buying.
  (Various people)

Jewelry people have kindly given her, all stone and metal high grade and real.
   (Various people)

 A bracelet set with an odd stone that allows her to worldhop. Kasumi often rubs it absently.
  (From her Eris; each worldhop costs fresh blood as payment.)

天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
31 March 2011 @ 12:00 am

voice mail | text messages | video | picture

"Ah, hello. This is the phone of Tendou Kasumi. I am sorry, but I cannot come to the phone right now. Please leave a message, and I will get back to you as soon as possible."
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
31 March 2011 @ 12:00 am
Kasumi is the nicest person ever, so if you a) have a stomach, b) need advise, or c) just want a kind word, she's your girl. If you want to interact or do something non-spontaneous with Kasumi-tan: Comment below!
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
31 March 2011 @ 12:00 am
 Am I doing her justice? Is there something you're concerned about, characterisation wise? Need clarification on an aspect of her personality or actions? Am I abusing the system? Please comment below!

All comments are screened. If you would like your comment unscreened, please let me know. So long as it is not an out right derogation, I will unlock it for the world to see.
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
31 March 2011 @ 12:00 am

Kasumi’s Collection of Fake Memories
past and present

How can you remember something that never happened? Even though you ‘know’ (can feel the past crawling under your skin) does not mean others do as well. It is more than a dream but less than reality- it’s the shadow of déjà vu you can’t escape.

š Loveless Virus- Xanxus
Partnered with Xanxus as his Fighter Unit under the name Precious- the only time Kasumi ever hurt anyone (or remembers violence seen and done).

š OT3 Virus- Tatsumi, Pollution
Love isn’t always where you expect to find it. Sometimes it is simply there to be dealt with (single, single, double).

天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
31 March 2011 @ 12:00 am

Ten Useful (and not so useful) Things You Didn’t Know About Tendou Kasumi 

1.    She is the one who actually balances the family finances. Though fiscally responsible, Nabiki cares more for her own money than what is used to feed and house her family.

2.    Kasumi’s native language is Japanese. She learned a bit of French in high-school and taught herself English by reading her mother’s old romance novels. She is now fluent in English, though her accent is very thick.

3.    At the age of thirteen, she discovered her mother’s shrine to the Western world. This included a stack of romance novels, an American flag T-shirt, and several tapes the Tendous did not have the equipment to listen to.

4.    Her father turns the radio to o-enka while playing shogi and go with Saotome-san. Kasumi has grown up with the music; she only changes the station when her father attempts to sing along.

5.    Kasumi can snap but cannot whistle.

6.    Contrary to popular belief, Kasumi does not know how to change a diaper. Akane and Nabiki were the only children she has ever watched.

7.    She was at the top of her class in school, elementary through high-school. Her scores alone would have guaranteed her a place in any mid-level college.

8.    The only time she ever remembers crying is at her mother’s funeral.

9.    Kasumi did not see her mother die, exactly, but knows that every time she had visited the hospital as a child her mother was a little bit thinner.

10. Family is her “most important thing”.

天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
31 March 2011 @ 12:00 am


Kasumi and Worldhopping

Kasumi received a bracelet from Eris with the ability to worldhop. However, it costs an unspecified amount of fresh blood for each trip. She uses it perhaps more than she should.

Kasumi and Violence

While Kasumi comes from a martial arts family, she does not understand violence. Nor does she recognize an attempt to harm unless you are very obviously gunning for her. She’s oblivious like that.

When she sees other people engaging in battle she thinks it’s all in good fun. No one would ever really attempt to harm another person! Fighting without a weapon will equal sparring; fighting with a weapon will equal sparring, too, unless blood is draw. She will either express extreme concern at this point or filter it out so she does not remember it happening. The former is for those she cares about (everyone) and the later happens when she knows that the victim can take care of themselves or in a protective capacity when it is extremely horrendous (a few).

Kasumi and Romantic Relationships

Kasumi is only looking to pursue a relationship that will be serious. Any relationship she enters into will need careful consideration beforehand, and once involved it is in her nature to take things slow—toward the prospect of marriage and family life. Kasumi is a romantic, hoping for courtship and pursuing mutual commitment.

In cannon, her romantic side is iffy at best: she’s never shown a real interest in anyone. So game-wise I’d say it’s on the “no” side of maybe. Out of character romantic liaisons, however, are fun and certainly encouraged. Simply know that just because Kasumi kissed someone in a meme doesn’t mean she will in cannon.

Kasumi and Personal Relationships

She dreams of meeting Mr. Right, getting married, becoming a housewife and having a handful of kids. This is a social cliché adopted as a personal dream. I would go so far as to say this ideal is a part of her identity.

The thought of a relationship with another woman has never occurred to her. I consider Kasumi primarily heterosexual with an inclination towards older men; the more stability, the better. She has no reservations about being physically affectionate with her own gender, but tends to be initially reserved with males. Her friendship with Tyki Mikk and the like has opened her up to more relaxed interaction. As it is, she can now recognize flirting! 

Does she remember me?

At the moment: yes. She remembers everyone now : )b.


My Expectations

To have a nice, fun place to escape the everyday. I will not be especially active, but nor do I intend to sit on tags and let them gather dust. If I drop a thread, I apologize. I will be continuing it at some point in the future.

How long is too long to reply to a tag?

Honestly, I don’t care if you reply to a tag from last year today. Though if it has been over a month, I may not remember what we were planning… -- if we were planning anything at all.

What about dropping a thread?

If you are felling uninspired, are busy or stressed, please let me know. I would like to follow threads to their inevitable conclusion- at the mun’s convenience. I am glad to have several on-going threads at a time; it makes me feel busy and special :D.

How can I contact you?

Email or Private Messaging to any of my accounts is preferable. I do have an AIM, but I use it sparingly. Drop me a message via the former and I’ll get on the latter to chat. Only friends can view/comment on my plurks, but if you attempt to friend me I will friend you back!

Personal Journal: rosethornli
RP Journal: kasumisockrock
Kasumi RP Journal: heavenly_home

Plurk: dreamoftheroselin

Can I friend you J?

If you like o/. I should warn you- I am sporadic at best and post without purpose. I attempt to be coherent, though.

Am I bothering you D:?

Most certainly not! I welcome all kinds and levels of interaction, with my characters and with fellow muns. I know that people feel self conscious about RP sometimes, and sometimes it’s just life in general. Believe me, I’ve felt that way too. If you are bothering me, I will let you know as politely as I can. Hopefully we can work through your discomfort, or mine, in a considerate and productive way. (I’m not going to hate you, I promise.)

Otherwise: please comment with questions or comments!
Date Posted: 3/31/2011
Last Edited: 4/13/2011

天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
31 March 2011 @ 12:00 am
Player nickname: Rose or, at times, Kasumi. It depends.
Player LJ: My personal rosethornli or RP kasumisockrock journals.
Way to contact you:
Email: rosethornli@gmail.com (is the best way)
AIM: kasumiroselyn (though it is rarely used)
Plurk: dreamsoftheroselin (sparingly used, as well)
Are you at least 15?:Oh, most certainly yes.
Current Characters: None at all, strangely enough.

Character: Tendou Kasumi
Fandom: Ranma ½
Mun Things:I would like to bring Kasumi back a year from the day she left. She won’t remember her friends/the community at first, but will slowly progress to a point that she remembers everything. Please let me know if this is all right!

Character Notes:


Her Family
Kasumi is the oldest of Tendou Soun, a practicing martial artist of the Anything Goes Style. She has two teenage sisters: Nabiki, the mercenary sort, and Akane, the tomboyish sort. Her mother is deceased.

Her Role
Kasumi has always admired her mother—as a child, she would follow her from room to room. Around the age of eight, her mother passed away from a wasting illness. The Tendou family nearly fell apart. As the oldest child, Kasumi saw her duty and stepped into her mother’s place. She has done her best to keep house and cook meals for her family, steadily transforming into the matriarch of the household. Through her school years and her graduation from high school, Kasumi has given love and care to her younger sisters as well as her father.

Unexpected Guests Change Everything
In his youth, Tendou Soun was one of two apprentices who undertook the Anything Goes Style of Martial Arts. His fellow disciple was Saotome Genma. As students they promised to join their two schools into one joint school, cementing the Tendou and Saotome styles into one complete Anything Goes Style of Martial Arts—by engaging their children before they were even born.

The year is 1991. One rainy afternoon, a panda appeared in the front hallway of the Tendou household with a human girl draped over its shoulder. Nonplused, this odd pair was nevertheless invited in for tea. After some side-tracking and discussion, the girl was revealed to be the panda’s son, Ranma, cursed to become a girl when splashed with cold water. The panda was, in actuality, Soun’s old friend Saotome Genma. Thus, Saotome Ranma and Tendou Akane became engaged at the tender age of sixteen through the conniving of their parents and, in one case, siblings. Unfortunately, this caused unseen disasters of a chaotic, collateral level for their hometown and many, many personal lives.

Oh my.

Throughout the debacle of cursed fighters, property damage, and sudden engagements that followed, Kasumi remained consistent. She kept her head down and took care of the household. No meal was left uncooked; no clothing went unlaundered-- though she is still waiting for the day her younger sister and brother-in-law finally tie the knot.


In relation to herself, Kasumi prescribes to traditional gender roles. Her mother was the perfect woman, and she believes she should be the same. She is soft-spoken, passive, and kind. Kasumi never raises her voice and remains calm no matter what the situation. Kasumi also defines herself by other people: her ‘father’s dutiful daughter’, her ‘mother’s little helper’, or ‘that nice young lady from that poor family who lost a mother at such a young age’. This is an attempt to please others as well as construct a set way of acting. No matter what happens, she knows what to do and what to expect.

Thus, Kasumi has a high respect for authority figures. She is the “good girl” who obeys the rules and does what she is told. Seldom does she question what she is asked to do. She likes keeping busy and doing what needs to be done, whether she is told to or not. This young woman is not the type to sit idly by—dinner doesn’t cook itself, you know!

Kasumi is passive my inclination, not nature; the women in her family are known for their strong opinions. It is simply that, when confronted with a stronger personality or half-reasonable argument, she will fold. She doesn’t enjoy disagreement and gives in to keep the peace: her inner peace. Kasumi keeps her steal spine carefully hidden. For example, if someone is misbehaving they will warrant a concerned conversation on what is appropriate and what is not. She is too polite to say anything out right, and so accomplishes this through kind words and small talk. Politeness is ingrained into her very pores (she ‘-san’s no matter what!)

Kasumi is also a practical person, and thinks in practical terms. She takes life as it comes. Planning ahead, beyond tomorrow’s dinner, is hard to do.

World View
Kasumi has a selective attention disorder; that is, she sees what she wants to see. “Bad things” do not exist is her realm of thought, and because Kasumi only sees what she expects to she doesn’t do well with conflict. She copes through avoidance: physically, mentally, or emotionally. The thing that happened last week that upset her? Well, it didn’t really happen. If it is insisted that it did indeed take place, then of course it was perfectly all right. Really, it was nothing to get excited over. Denial runs through her head like water down a stream, flushing out the negative and keeping everything rosy in her world.

For Kasumi, a person’s actions are never personal. If you ignore her, you’re having a bad day. Yell at her and you will invite her concern instead of drive her away. Selflessness comes easily; it is doing things simply for herself that Kasumi finds difficult.

Social Aspect
Kasumi has a kind word for everyone, and is the first to offer help or advice if you are troubled. Talk to Kasumi about your problems, and you’ll end up with a thoughtful, if mundane, answer. If you’ve met her, you’re her friend. Kasumi likes everyone upon first impression and will think the best of strangers even if they’re trying to rob a store before her eyes. She is emotionally incapable of admitting dislike and forgives easily.
Kasumi likes children to the point of enjoyment, and has a tendency to mother them unconditionally. This can be stifling for those of more independent mind, but it is hard to refuse her whole-hearted attention.

Kasumi works well with others; in fact she prefers to do things as a team. Her situation, however, has kept her distant from her peers. During high school she belonged to the ‘Go Home Club’; she had things to do at home while others her age joined clubs and hung out. At heart, Kasumi is lonely even though she has her family. Feeling lonely is not something she wants to admit (see: denial) and has, as such, pushed an urge for company down.


»Kasumi can cook anything. Give her a recipe and prepare to eat delicious food!

»Kasumi is 5’4” and built like a brick house. She has long brown hair, bangs, and brown eyes. Her clothing of choice is a housedress and an apron. She carts around a purse that is bigger than her head.

»Her favorite color is green.

»She can sing like a siren, but is too shy to do so unless accompanied by her sisters or friends.

»Kasumi has a hobby of reading medical books for fun. She borrows ancient, and not so ancient, texts from her good friend Dr. Tofu, which cover chi techniques, advanced physiology, and so on.
»Her dream growing up was to be a nurse. This was pushed to the back burner until she could be sure her family could take care of themselves.

Additional Links:

Biography in a Wiki entry.
Convent fan-page.

First Person (entry type):
Dinner has become less lively since Akane-chan and Ranma-kun left on their training trip. Uncle Saotome and father have stayed to enjoy their games, and do eat all of their snacks. Nabiki-chan is beginning her second year soon, with such astounding grades. I wonder how she does it, and has so much time to enjoy herself too. She has never been one to study extensively. It seems she is getting enough sleep and eating right, but still, I hope she is not pushing herself too hard. Ranma-kun’s little friends visit now and again, but without such extravagance as before. The outer wall has stayed intact for nearly a month!

Everything is going as it should, I expect. I do not wish to say it, however, but things have begun to seem… a bit boring.

There is little I must manage beyond necessary chores. Perhaps I should visit Aiko-chan? I have not seen her since middle school. Last she wrote, she was expecting her first born soon enough. As such, I wouldn’t wish to impose on her…

I suppose I could, pursue work outside of the house? I graduated high school with adequate scores, and it is not as if we could not use the money. Father will, no doubt, have something to say to this.

In any case, the market is closing soon. I’d best get something good for dinner. I should return Dr. Tofu’s book on the way, as well; he mentioned he had something for me last time. I wonder what it is?

Third Person:
Kasumi had cut her hair a year ago. She doesn’t really remember why, only that there had been a need for change. Her hair had felt so loose and flighty when it came only to her shoulders, covering her face at the slightest breeze. It tickled her nose on windy days even now. She had kept it loose: too short to tie back, at first, and now it was so uncomfortable when restricted. Strands tugged oddly at her scalp when she tried and no matter how she positioned it, it was much too tight.

The brush felt lovely against her scalp, untangling last night’s knots. Kasumi smiled at herself in the mirror, running the bristles through again. Her hair came over her shoulder to rest just under her collar bone, almost as long as it had been. It weighed comfortably there, familiar.

A knock drew her attention; Kasumi turned in her chair to see her younger sister, Nabiki, leaning against her doorframe. She held something bunched in one hand, fist too tightly clutched for Kasumi to see what it was.

“Hey, sis.” Nabiki smiled at her, shoulder braced against the wood. “Can I come in?”

“Of course,” said Kasumi, turning back to her mirror. “You are up early this morning.”

Her sister came across the room and settled comfortably behind Kasumi’s chair, arms crossed over the back. “I’ve got something for you.” Their eyes met through the mirror, and Kasumi laid down her brush.


“Yeah. Something I think you’ve been missing.” Nabiki raised her fist and opened it over Kasumi’s shoulder. Out tumbled a glossy green ribbon, which Nabiki held pinch at one end so it wouldn’t fall.

“It’s a lovely ribbon, Nabiki-chan.” Kasumi turned her head to get a better look, shifting her hair off of her shoulder and into a wave down her back.

“Glad you like it.” Nabiki leaned forward to take the other end of the ribbon in her opposite hand, arms surrounding Kasumi in something like a hug. “Want to try it on?”

“Oh…” Kasumi looked down at her hands, thumbs shifting against one another. “That’s all right. I don’t need to.”

“Come on, sis. It’ll look good!”

Kasumi smiled slightly at her little sister’s enthusiasm; she always did consider what she thought the best way to do things. It wouldn’t hurt to try. If it were too uncomfortable, it would be easily removed.

“As you insist,” murmured Kasumi.

“Good.” Nabiki’s smile widened into a victorious grin. “I’ll even put it in for you.”
The ribbon was dropped onto her lap as Nabiki gathered her hair to one side again. A familiar feeling settled into Kasumi’s chest as she watched her sister wrap and tie the ribbon. The face in the mirror was no stranger, but a well remembered one. She’d looked like this before, hair over one shoulder in a loose but binding bow. She’d felt like this before, comfortable and none-too-tightly wound.

“How’s it look?” was asked into her ear.

The face in the mirror smiled as Kasumi did, bright and open. “Very good, thank you.”
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
18 August 2010 @ 12:00 am
This is Tendou Kasumi from the manga, Ranma 1/2.

Don't know what you can and can't approach Kasumi with? Ask away here!

Contact Information | Relationships | How's my Driving?/Questions Post | IC Contact Post

If you're looking for the Nice*Club it's over here.

天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
14 July 2010 @ 09:06 pm
Eris-sama, I have a question for you...
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
15 June 2010 @ 12:48 am
...so that is what it would be like. It was busier than I thought, though.

I enjoyed it. Truly, I did. It was a pleasure to see him again, so close as to touch him. I can't believe I had almost forgotten the sound of his voice...
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
14 June 2010 @ 09:50 pm
If any one would like to give me character(s) plus a prompt, I'll be happy to write you something! Or attempt to, any way.

DDD Bingo CardCollapse )

Filled PromptsCollapse )
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
03 June 2010 @ 10:10 am
Ah. Thank goodness we have that extra... would it be all right to use Nice Club money for house repairs?

At least Akane-chan and Ranma-kun are all right. Though the same cannot be said of the kitchen...
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
22 May 2010 @ 11:36 pm
Is there anyone that is... still free? I seem to have become, well. The virus seems to be spreading, that is all. I suppose I may ask Tyki-kun if he still has enough room, or Matt-san, if he is still waiting for someone. Or Mariach-san, though I do not wish to disturb his family time...
天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
20 May 2010 @ 11:18 pm
I wonder... When I am to die, will it be Tatsumi-kun who comes for me? He is not from my world, but even so, as a shinigami he...

I. I miss him. So very, very much.

((Tatsumi's gone. Kasumi just found out.))