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天道 霞; Tendou Kasumi
6 February 1989

Kasumi is your average young woman. She lives at home and helps take care of her family (mostly cleaning up their messes). Her hobbies include housework, cooking, and reading ancient medical texts. No one has yet to see Kasumi without a smile.


Name: Tendou Kasumi
Age: 19 20 21 22
Birthday: February 6
Current Year: 1994
Occupation: Homemaker
Timeline: Post-Cannon

Kasumi remembers everyone, and is still struggling with what to think of those memories. She's left home for the first time and now resides at her younger brother Issei's temple. How long will this last? Until she finds the place for herself she craves.


Tendo Kasumi RP journal @dramadramaduck, as played by rosethornli.

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